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Hey – Did You Guys Hear About That Shooting In Virginia?

3 May, 2007, Thursday

Every time I lurch off for a rest in Lazy Slacker Aw-Man-I-Hate-My-Fucking-Blog Slugland, all kinds of good shit happens.

There have been, at last official count, more words written about Don Imus and The Virginia Tragedy™ than the number of words that are currently in actual existence on the planet.

So, a quick summary:

Don Imus is a pussy (but still, evidently, a HUUUGE influence in the black community). He could have fought this on principle but he folded like a bad poker hand. Perhaps Ann Coulter could loan him a spare set of balls she’s not using.

The Rutgers Women’s basketball team are easily manipulated. Scarred for life? Really? For being called ugly? My god, what a collective of embarrassments. No wonder women’s sports get no respect.

My love affair with Barack Obama is officially over. His slippery comments in support of someone being fired over a stupid joke is a deal breaker. Thus, like a band-aid, he has been ripped out of my life. Sorry, Barack, I know this is deeply upsetting to you, but I am not a woman to be trifled with.

The Virginia Tech shooting, unfortunately for the victims and families, is a victim of Bush Calamity Fatigue. Not to suggest Bush had anything to do with it (although, really, who amongst us would be surprised if it turns out otherwise?), it’s just that under His Command, we have seen so much death and destruction that the next tragedy we’ll have any energy to sink our national teeth into will have to contain the words ‘Nuclear’, ‘Entire City Decimated’ or ‘President Jeb Bush’.

Sorry, Virginia Tech, but we’re just too exhausted to do a whole big drawn-out thing with you guys.

One thing is interesting, though. Has anyone else noticed that the more sensitive and compassionate we are forcing our fellow citizens to be (or, at least, pretend to be), the angrier and more violent our fellow citizens are becoming?

I’ll tell you, I hear one more person apologize for stating an opinion, I just might lose my shit myself.


Ah…hello again, people. It’s good to be back. And it will remain so until it’s not again. I hope you’re all doing well. The wife and kids alright? Good, good..