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They Are Trying To Do It Again

23 September, 2008, Tuesday

Read this. Or don’t. You don’t really have to – you’ve heard it all before.

It’s just another Republican whining (and using italics to the point of annoyance) about all the hatred directed at Sarah Palin. He thinks people hate her because she’s small-town and folksy. And that argument has grown so boringly tedious and is so flatly WRONG that it’s not even worth the time to dissect it. So what-the-fuck-ever, I don’t care, *yawn* *stretch*, Jon Stewart is on in 20 minutes, is there any arugula left?

But the Republican did write one thing that I found infuriating enough to scream outloud, “Oh no you don’t, you will NOT be allowed to get away with that!”

And this is what it was:

For the first time since Ronald Reagan, our last great president, we, the people, see a chance that one of us might have a voice in governing our country.

Speaking of Reagan (Eureka College, Illinois), every chief executive we’ve had since the Gipper snapped his final salute as president has had the imprimatur of an Ivy League university. And we’ve gone from bad to worse:

* George Herbert Walker Bush: Yale.

* William Jefferson Clinton: Georgetown, Oxford, Yale Law.

* George W. Bush: Yale and Harvard Business School.

The first lacked the sense to finish the job in Desert Storm; the second lacked the guts to go after al Qaeda when it was just a startup – and the third, well, let’s just say he disappointed our low expectations.

Remember during the 2004 election how Kerry, an actual war hero, was portrayed as the out-of-touch elitist windsurfer who had brought shame on his country according to the lies of Swift Boat Veterans? While George W. Bush, who actually did have a shameful (and absent!) Vietnam record, campaigned as the brush-clearing every man who didn’t rightly cotton to none a’ that book learnin stuff? Remember how topsy turvey it all seemed? It was like bizarro world.

Well, welcome to Bizarro World 2.0. They are trying to spin it all in reverse.

The author of this piece of shit article is trying to put distance between Bush and the Republicans by claiming that George W. Bush was a bad president, at least in part, because he went…to Yale? Jesus Christ.

They can run away from him all they want (and they are! LOL), but everybody knows that Republicans LOVED!, ADORED!, WORSHIPPED THE VERY GROUND that George W. Bush walked on.

How many times after 911 did we have to hear mewling, simpering Republicans say on TV: “Thank GOD we have George W. Bush in the White House!” “Thank GOD for President George W. Bush!”


THAT was his chief selling point!

They wanted to have a BEER with him!

So excuse me if I find this claim of “low expectations” every bit as dubious as Sarah Palin’s legitimacy as a candidate. The guy who wrote this article most likely voted for Bush TWICE and he now has the shameless gall to look us in the eye and claim that he had low expectations about Bush? Disgusting.

You people championing this Neocon party doll from Alaska will not have another try at putting forth your cockamamie notion that common people are better leaders. Not without a fight. You will not be given another chance to have a leader who is “one of you“. I know you don’t like being reminded of this, but you currently HAVE a leader who is one of you and he is the biggest fucking disaster this country has ever seen.

And I know many of you afore-mentioned folk will be completely unaware of this, but intelligent people do this thing called “learning from their mistakes” – and George W. Bush has been a strong example of what happens when we lower our standards. We don’t want to repeat that mistake again.

So we are aiming higher than YOU this time around.

How elitist of us, n’est-ce pas?

We tried to warn you about George W. Bush – you didn’t listen. We tried to warn you about Iraq – you didn’t listen. And now we are warning you about John McCain and Sarah Palin – and a disturbing number of you are not listening.

I’m beginning to think slightly more than 1/4 of the Republican party actually hates this country and WANTS to see it come to ruin.


Bruno Attends A Fashion Show

26 March, 2007, Monday

The vapid, the ridiculous, the mentally ill – so long as you aren’t ugly or poor, you can find a home in fashion.

Naomi Campbell works with these sorts of vile people day in and day out and yet it’s her maid she throws her cell phone at?


The Evils Of White Self-Congratulation

11 February, 2007, Sunday

Most everyone born in the shadow of the Civil Rights Movements of the 1960’s was taught from an early age that we should not judge a person by the colour of their skin.   We all bleed red.  It is our character alone that should define us.    Right? 

Wrong! The rules have mysteriously changed.

Just as we get a whiff of a strong, attractive presidential candidate who just happens to be darker hued (not that anyone noticed, of course), we are now told that there’s a clause to consider. He has to have the right pedigree.

Barack Obama, because he is not the product of slaves, is just not black enough. Therefore he is incapable of truly knowing the black experience, and any white person who might vote for him is doing it only in an attempt to assuage their guilt over slavery (because it’s just not possible for a white person to happily vote for a black guy simply on his own merit).

White self-congratulation is, evidently, what it’s called. And how fucking insulting is that?

Debra Dickerson, in the following interview clip, actually says at one point, “It’s not about character, it’s the content of our history and our culture.”

History and culture may, indeed, play an important role within and amongst the people in Ms. Dickerson’s kindred group, but even white people have distinct histories and culture. And the greater American public, black or white, barely has the time or inclination to devote to studying campaign promises and ballot initiatives, let alone the minute distinctions of a candidate’s lineage.

It IS about character. It should begin and end with character.

The black community has the chance to make history on an unbelievable scale, to inspire millions of desperately impoverished urban kids with the notion that they, too, could grow up to be president, yet they are messing around with this piddling, ridiculous bullshit?!

I really can not believe it. Neither can Stephen Colbert and he nails this woman unmercifully.

Video here

And Radar’s take on it here



28 January, 2007, Sunday

The Internet giveth and the Internet taketh away.  
I lift my mourning veil to write this post.

Some nosie nancy just couldn’t leave well enough alone and hounded out the ‘true’ identity of Donnie Davies.   Turns out, he’s just an improv performer


RIP Donnie Davies. Youth pastor. Reformed homosexual. Moral crusader.

You were too beautiful to exist in our world.

(cue taps)


A Bit Of Outdated War Propaganda

22 January, 2007, Monday

From WWII, Donald Duck is encouraged by the government not to spend his hard-earned money on Friday night floozies but instead save it for taxes. Taxes to Fight The Axis!

Interesting that it’s now 60 years later, we’re involved in an even greater conflict, taxes are through the roof, and our president keeps telling us to spend our money.


The Fox News Channel’s Saturday Night Super Fun Time Satire Show

12 January, 2007, Friday

It was announced and talked about far and wide at the end of November: a show in the satiric style of The Daily Show slanted for a right-wing audience that would air in late January.

“Yay! It’s about time!” hollered the perpetually beleaguered losers in the war of pop culture, the conservatives.

“It will never fly.” sniffed the liberals, calmly stroking their ‘Stewart/Colbert in ’08’ T-shirts against their cheeks.

And now, a month and 1/2 later, nothing.   Not a word.   I couldn’t find any recent mentions anywhere on the web.

In an industry where pre-air buzz is critical, this flat-lining is not a very encouraging sign.  

I was (am) really looking forward to seeing it. I’m sure it would have been (will be?) hilarious – but for all the wrong reasons.

Come on, Fox!   Get that beautiful catastrophe on the air – your public awaits! 


The Ethics of Wife Beating

4 January, 2007, Thursday

A Bahrain cleric drags his people into the 16th Century and sets firm limits on the “treating” of one’s wife.  

We westerners have our share of cultural problems, but this video will certainly make all western women grateful for not being at the mercy of absolute galloping insanity.  

To think that it was simple chance that I was not born into such a backward culture is a little scary.  

To celebrate getting a long straw in the birth lottery, I’m gonna go put on a pair of jeans and get in my car to drive myself – unescorted – to the store and purchase something a little decadent.   It’s a cold, rainy January night – but I’m gonna crack my window enough to let the wind blow my uncovered hair into defiant tangles.    

Freedom Snarls, as the Bush administration woulda called ’em a couple of years ago.