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Poor Ann Coulter

26 March, 2007, Monday

It’s only been a few weeks since the lanky provocateur orchestrated her last scandal and already no one is paying any attention to her again!

Poor Ann. We all got over this one much too quickly.

She needs the headlines so desperately, but she’s painting herself into the corner. What else can you possibly say after calling a presidential candidate a faggot that stirs the public outrage? Very little.

Frankly, I only see one horrifying conclusion to the spectacle of this woman’s public existence: she will eventually have to show us her penis.

Whether it’ll be the sans panties limo exit (just imagine her balls glistening with sweat!), or an ill-timed erection that juts out and ruins the line of her pencil skirt, I don’t rightly know.

But mere words will no longer suffice. It’s got to be action. And when she gets that little itch that tells her it’s time for her next fix of attention-whoring, she’ll do it. One day. I know she’ll do it.

And until that magical day, here’s an oldie but a goodie from back when Ann could really make sparks fly. *Cue Barbra Streisand, Memories like the coooorners of my miiiind*