A Simple Stunning Fact Staring Us Right In The Face

29 September, 2008, Monday

If you listen to the AM Talk Radio hatemongers (which I do – to keep tabs), all of our societal and governmental ills are a direct result of liberalism and the Godless sodomite Democrats.

But I just realized something startling: in the last 40 years there have been a grand total of 2 Democratic presidents. Two! I am blown away by that! I think the seething, over-the-top hatred of Liberals that’s been rampant in our country in the wake of Clinton has really done a number on my perspective. Simple chronological facts don’t quite grab a person’s attention like the typical Ann Coulter book title.

So we’ve had 28 years of Republican rule versus 12 of Democratic. And 6 of the last 8 years were an absolutely unopposed free-for-all for Republicans to make this country into the Conservative Utopia that they’ve wanted since the 60’s.

And we find ourselves unimaginably fucked. We are so fucked that we don’t even yet KNOW how fucked we are. They failed. Spectacularly.

Yet Hannity and Limbaugh et al, are, of course, telling their moronic listeners that this is all the fault of the Democrats. And John McCain is blaming Barack Obama (which is OUTRAGEOUS!!). And Sarah Palin is, of course, being prepped to blame Barack Obama when she debates on Thursday night.

The fact that these people would lie and play this sort of bitterly partisan politics at this frightening moment in our nation’s history is just….well, I am now officially of the opinion that Republicans (yes, blanket statement – complete unapologetic generalization) are just dispicable human beings. Seriously.

How in the world did the Democrats ever let them steal the moral high ground?

Because they certainly think they have it. On one of my trips out canvassing for Barack Obama, I stopped at one lady’s house and she said she was going to vote for John McCain because: “Republicans fall more in line with my morals.”

She said it softly and patronizingly (because, knowing The Light and The Way, as she does, she is superior to me), and she went on to sing the praises of Sarah Palin.

I smiled and did not say what I was thinking: So, lying and cheating and covering up your mistakes with more lies runs in your family, does it?

People like this woman are over the moon about the idea of Sarah Palin ascending to the White House! It doesn’t matter that she would wreak havoc on this planet like Godzilla over Japan, because at least she would do so having never had an abortion. And that’s what’s important.

Ugh. I can not even entertain the mere thought of Obama not winning this election and that’s what my mind is doing the longer I sit here and write. So I’m going to go and get ready for bed and watch a wholesome decent program like Family Guy (the creator of which, Seth MacFarlane, is a fine, upstanding atheist; and a man who’s fetus I would be PROUD to abort!)

Tomorrow is another day and the fight goes on! And remember: since 1969, FIVE (!) Republican presidents to two Democrat. If you wanna go back to Lincoln, there’s been 17 Republicans to 10 Democrat. 90 years Republican VS 60 years Democratic.

All those years of “leadership” and the party has reached a point where they have absolutely nothing good or positive to claim as their own. The only thing they have left is lies and ugy, desperate attacks. Conservatives, join the Libertarians and just let the Republican party die. Give it over to the Jesus freaks and let them run it into the ground.


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