I’m a little late to chime in on this, but

13 September, 2008, Saturday

…if Sarah Palin gets to be VP because of Alaska’s geographic nearness to Russia,  then I, who visited Alaska for two weeks in 1991, should be chairing foreign policy committees. 

We have lost our fucking minds. 

There’s not been an official announcement yet, but I think it’s starkly evident:  John McCain – the man we all know and admired – is dead.    I don’t know who (or what) has entered his Earthly container and makes it walk and talk and pick running mates that make America look like a circus sideshow, but it certainly is NOT the same entity that had occupied it before.

And who killed him?    George W. Bush.    During the 2000 Republican primary.    

We were – no, think positive here – we ARE so close to the Republican brand suffocating to death under the oppressive, stifling weight of Jesus freaks.     They were dispirited, in disarray, wringing their hands and wondering how it all slipped away.     So close.   And then this McCain pod showed up and breathed new life into the monster.    

If there is a bigger, more advanced species or form that is watching us like a movie, they are at the point in the film where the bad guy is badly injured, perhaps missing a couple limbs (a flesh wound!) but still has one last trick to use against the good guys.     And the trick was Sarah Palin.     She’s the 8-headed hydra that will, no doubt, prove to be Hillary-like and get up every single time she is knocked down.  

But we can still kill the monster (the monster being The Republican party -not Palin).     We slayed the Hillary dragon, we can slay this one, too.     We must keep working, and we must not panic. 

Palin has captivated America – much like Obama did at the beginning of this year.   Remember when Obama supporters were denigrated for all their fawning and swooning over their messiah?    Well, now the stilleto is on the other foot, and the religious wackos are fainting (and speaking in tongues) in the aisles over their girl, but they aren’t doing it as sycophants, no – they are just excited is all!   It’s not at all the same thing – nothing AT ALL all like how the lefty loons behaved over Obama!     (…miserable fucking hypcrits…)

Regardless, we must ignore her.    Now, I know how hard that is.   With all her soap-opera drama and dirty laundry blowing all over the trailer part – it is very hard to look away.     But look away we must.    Let her do her thing, let her fail on her own.    

                          STOP GIVING HER POWER SHE HAS NOT EARNED.    

The more we “try to destroy her”, the more powerful she looks.  

And, true, I know there is little faith in the intelligence or savvy of average American voters.     We voted…well, for the sake of ancient arguments, let’s just say we voted for George W. Bush twice.     But really, this time, after 8 years of INARGUABLY DISASTROUS Republican rule, I just can not imagine a majority of Americans, in the privacy of the voting booth, under the harsh glare of lights at the gymnasium or community building, actually being able to vote for McCain with her as his running mate.

If they do, I will have to seriously reconsider my place in America and question whether I want to remain on the destructive path it is travelling.   But until that day, I am choosing to believe a huge majority of us will do the right thing and I am doing what I can to bring that belief into a reality. 

I have actually, for the first time in my pathetic little existence, put leg work into a political candidate.  I’ve done voter registration, and I’m knocking on doors.    I’ve never done any of that stuff before – and I know I’m not the only politically-inactive person who’s been sucked into the process by Barack Obama.  

So long as we keep focused and remain calm, I really believe we can still win this thing.    I have to believe it.  The alternative is just too terrifying to even consider. 

And if you’re terrified (and you fucking should be), please, go to www.barackobama.com and find the address to your local Obama campaign office and offer a couple hours of your time.



  1. Holy fucking Christ! Miss Mickey is alive and well, and just as hilariously sarcastic as ever. I hope I’m not going to have to wait another 14 months until your next post.

  2. Great post. Love the visuals!

  3. Sounds like Alaskan women are making a stand http://mudflats.wordpress.com/2008/09/14/alaska-women-reject-palin-rally-is-huge/

  4. Extermie! Ah…lovely to see you! Though I’ve not been here, I can assure you, you were squiggling around in the back of my thoughts.

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