This Nonsense Has To Stop

26 March, 2007, Monday


That’s Naomi Campbell proudly walking out of the NYC Sanitation Department after completing her final day of community service. She is wearing an expensive designer dress and was photographed smiling and waving and mouthing the words “Thank you!” to the crowd before climbing into a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce that whisked her back to her glamourous life.

She’s clearly using a tactic that Tom Delay originated and Rush Limbaugh copied. Here are their mugshots:

tom-delay-mugshot.jpg     150px-rush_limbaugh_booking_photo.jpg

They were being processed at a police station, yet they smile like they’re on the golf course.

It’s understandable why they did it. Mug shots of the rich and famous, particularly unflattering ones, are trotted out for years afterward. And, I’m sorry to say, this bit of contrivance by Delay and Rush has proven to be quite effective. These pictures are difficult for their enemies to exploit.

But it’s just so galling. Especially given that they are Republicans and, thus, pay a lot of lip service to law and order. Can you just imagine what Rush Limbaugh would have said had it been a liberal Democrat instead of Tom Delay who started the trend of ‘What, Me Worry?’ mugshots? He would have declared it as disrespectful to the justice system and the American people and chastised him or her for lacking shame.

Naomi Campbell was found guilty of physically assaulting another human being. A human being who, as Campbell’s maid, was vulnerable and easy pickings for abuse. A jewel-encrusted cell phone (that likely cost more than she would earn in 6 months), was thrown at her head with such force that she had to be stitched back together.

Yes, Campbell paid her paltry little debt to society, but are we, the little people who often find our own selves at the mercy of the rich and powerful, ready to let her off without a proper show of contrition? Shouldn’t she be shunned for her arrogant attitude?

Evidently not, according to various comments found on various blogs:

    She is a DIVAAAAAA!!!”
    “She’s a total bitch – I love her!”
     “Fuck all y’all haters, Naomi is fierce and does whateva she wants

And then we have this article that puts an even more sickening angle on the whole thing.

From GaySocialites.com:

    While paying her debt to society for decking her housekeeper with a cell phone, Naomi Campbell was making a few bucks at the same time. Everyone seemed to wonder why Naomi looked so fabulous as she entered and departed each day of community service, it’s because she was posing for a magazine cover.

    Patrick McCarthy, the editorial director of W magazine, says that the feature starring janitor Naomi Campbell will run across about 20 pages in the July issue of the magazine. “It’s going to make a great story. We came up with the idea in a story conference and we got in touch with Naomi’s people. She was very keen to do it, she thought it would be a lot of fun,” he said.

    Naomi wore an array of designer duds each day ranging from a Ralph Lauren fit-and-flare cashmere coat on day one to a Dolce & Gabbana couture evening gown when she walked the final walk after completing her assignment on Friday.

    Campbell earned an estimated $465,000 total for wearing clothes from various designers each day.”

And what is more revolting is that that issue of W magazine, celebrating Naomi Campbell’s triumphant return, will be advertised to the hilt and it will likely be a big seller.

It’s all very sad and indicative of something important that’s been lost in our society. But so long as Naomi, the great and powerful Supermodel, is having fun, and the fashion industry continues to make money off the desires of us peasants, things are unlikely to change.



  1. That Supercunt domestic abuser should be forced to give everything she earns that is in any way connected with her crime or her punishment straight to her maid.

    How dare she treat other people like shit!

  2. In addition to that harsh sentence, she also had to pay her maid a whopping $363.00 to cover her medical expenses. And not a penny more.


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