Image Of The Moment

5 March, 2007, Monday

The view from inside one of the famous blue burqas, the most extreme form of covering for Islamic women.


Under the Taliban in Afghanistan, the burqa was mandatory and a woman was allowed to be uncovered only within the walls of her home. If caught in public unveiled, she could be beaten on the spot. And though it’s no longer officially mandatory, many pockets of Afghanistan are still ruled by Taliban-sympathetic warlords, so many women still wear the burqa regardless.

Which is good, because really, if a man looks upon a woman and has an impure thought, it is, of course, not his fault for having a weak mind. Oh no no no. It’s the woman’s fault. How can a man possibly be expected to carry on his day-to-day affairs with a bunch of filthy skanks running around with their eyes, noses, and mouths jutting out shamelessly for all the world to see?

He can’t! No man can exercise that kind of sexual control.

And lest anyone think men get off lightly in the Islamic order of modesty, be aware that they, too, have their dress requirements. Men must -MUST- wear full sleeves that cover everything down to the wrist. Tsk tsk…how do they manage being so brutally restricted?



  1. Thanks for the burq’s-eye view. Maybe the sightlines through this contraption prevent Islamic women from seeing what assholes their men are.

    And how do the men ever get any work done if they can’t “roll up their sleeves” and get to it? No wonder they don’t do anything but harvest poppies.

  2. How can a man possibly be expected to carry on his day-to-day affairs with a bunch of filthy skanks running around with their eyes, noses, and mouths jutting out shamelessly for all the world to see

    Then how did europeans and Americans are doing any work?
    And do you, think that women dont work? How about them should they always live on mens mercy?

  3. See, Miss Mickey, you’re too subtle; some readers take your irony literally. Perhaps you should embed a Sarcasm Alert logo. Of course, your blog may not be the ideal forum for readers to practice their English.

    But, really, how DID europeans and Americans are doing any work? Answering that if can you!

  4. Rahasya – no no – I was joke did making! Muslim woman is not being skanks. They no showing the titties and face. So calm – I you friend! 🙂

    (Bying the way, Rahasya, Paris Hilton it is who the skanks! She herpies having. Ick yuck. Making the spitting.)

    Exterminator – you funny man! You have many skanks hoping I for you!

  5. Miss Mickey, you make me laugh until the wee runs down my leg.

    That is a good photo – “burq’s-eye view” – Exterminator, you indeed funny man. But I would hate for that to be the way I had to see the world. I’m glad I’m a filthy shameless European American skank.

  6. Another excellent observation Mickey. Since the beginning of time it always seems to be the “woman” that is the temptress, the hoar, the harlot, the adultress, all these words coming from the bible. I mean really, who ate the apple first in the Bible, yes indeed “Eve”, who did God create first, man, according to the bible, and when God realized that animals weren’t enough compansionship for the man, he lay man down to sleep, took a rib from his body, and created woman, again, according to the bible. Seems like we never had a chance.

  7. You’re right, Donna – men do have a history of portraying themselves as the innocent little victims, don’t they? I guess the vagina is every bit as great and powerful as brute strength and muscle. So it’s little wonder why so much of women’s history involves oppression.

    By the way, I hope you got permission from a man to come online and spout your little opinions. Mustn’t get sassy or out of line, it’s unseemly…

    I’m off to churn butter and birth a young’un now!

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