Richard Dawkins, CNN Tonight 8PM EST

12 February, 2007, Monday

He will be responding to a hostile little segment Paula Zahn aired last week about discrimmination against atheists.

In part one, two families in the American South describe, via taped footage, how their treatment in their communities changed after their non-belief had been disclosed.

Part two is the panel discussion that immediately followed the taped piece. The panelists are comprised of two Christians and a Jew. So, y’know, it was totally fair and balanced.

Paula Zahn – discrimination against atheists part 2

It’s safe to assume that Dawkins’ rebuttal to those two harpies will be slightly more eloquent and consist of something more substantial than “They need to shut up.”



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  2. I am amazed that CNN would even air such a poorly done segment.

  3. Please tell me that last comment was meant to be ironic.

  4. I’m sorry; I was unclear: I was referring to the original segment, not the follow-up piece after all the criticism they received.

  5. Oh, then I’m sorry, I was unclear. What I meant is that CNN is shit.

  6. Haha—all right, you got me there!

  7. Phew! I am glad that you did not take offence to my previous comment.

  8. No worries—I am not easily offended.

  9. Miss Mickey, I have finally watched both videos and once again I am shocked at the hatred too many Americans seem to have for atheists. Those panelists display a horrifying lack of knowledge of our history and the intentions of the Founders. I didn’t recognise either of the Christian panelists, but I recognised Debbie Schlussel. She is a right-wing journalist and blogger – something like a Jewish Ann Coulter. Even “World have your say” on the BBC sometimes calls her to provide an opposing viewpoint on issues. I sometimes read Debbie’s blog just to keep the right-wing perspective in view.

    Anyway, I think that now I will have to do a youtube search for Dawkins’ rebuttal. Thanks again for keeping me up with goings-on in The New Amerika.

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