Jade Goody – The Most Perniciously Evil Person In The Whole World. Ever.

21 January, 2007, Sunday

Thanks to UKNova, I’ve been watching Celebrity Big Brother since the season started two and a half weeks ago. Jade Goody was completely unknown to me then, but I certainly know who she is now. So do the cabinet members in the governments of both England and India.

Aren’t we going just a smidgen overboard on this poor, ignorant gutter snipe? I just saw her interviewed on News of the World and I was waiting for her to start flagellating herself, so overwhelmed and devastated is she by the outcry from the “enraged” public (who, I think, have too much spare time on their hands).

People are so dumb. Give them a front row seat to any international atrocity on their evening news and they might care enough to say “tsk tsk, what a shame”. But show them a beautiful, privileged Indian woman being picked on by a loud, inarticulate, girl who is not beautiful on a TV show about social interaction and they can’t get to the phones quick enough to voice their outrage. Sheesh.

Could it be that this is why the Middle East has been aflame all these years? Lack of a toll-free number to dial?

For what it’s worth, I can’t stand Shilpa, either. She comes across as manipulative and scheming and -Jade was absolutely right about this- fake as hell.

During a discussion in the house when she was asked when she lost her virginity, she evaded the question – which is perfectly within her right to do. But in explaining how her culture is very conservative about sexual matters, she actually lowered her voice to a whisper and changed her expression (remember, she is a professional actress) to one of embarrassment when she mouthed the word “sex”.

Now, I have heard this woman on mic saying “fuck” and “shit” more than once since she’s been in the house. It was just a ridiculous and completely contrived display of modesty. I find her nauseating.

And if I hear her say “Never in my whole life has anyone ever spoken to me like dat.” after a disagreement one more time, I will throw my fucking moniter out the window.

This woman is over 30 years old and has never had anyone give her shit before? Oh my stars, if anyone needs a dose of reality, it is her.

Jade Goody gave it to her, and is now being unfairly crucified for it.

A question to all those calling for Jade’s head: What punishment will fit her crime? Do you want to see her bankrupt? Maybe working in a chip shop? Is that enough of a comedown? What about if some nutjob gets himself all worked up over the hysteria and goes out and attacks her physically, can she then be forgiven for the heinous crime of making fun of a person’s last name?



  1. “Lack of a toll-free number…” – that is brilliant. I had a feeling you would one day be able to solve the Middle East, Miss Mickey.

    Miss Mickey, I don’t know how much you or your other loyal readers know about the rise of Miss Jade Goody, especially that she was made a “celebrity” in the first place by appearing on the plebeian version of Big Brother. Miss Goody is basically famous for being uneducated and exhibitionist white trash. Oh, sorry, I meant mixed-race trash. And that’s it. It is something very strange and uniquely British, I think – to create celebrity out of nothing. And then to use the creation for one’s own ends until it gets beyond one’s control.

    The producers of Celebrity Big Brother knew exactly what they were doing when they chose their housemates and they have been cashing in on the attention. And, as you already know, I have no sympathy for anyone who goes into a Big Brother house (because I’m a mean bitch).

  2. Max, everything you say (including your lack of sympathy) is correct.

    I am troubled to find myself defending someone like Jade. Her ignorance is shocking & she must be hell on earth to deal with personally. But when her mother came into the house – – Jesus Christ, my eyes about fell out of my head. What a fucking tragic mess.

    For Jade to survive THAT kind of influence and grow up to become a millionaire, no matter how demeaning and exploitative the circumstances, I can’t help but say Well done, there and root for her.

    It’s the whole underdog thing. That, plus a natural inclination to go in the opposite direction of any rampaging hordes of angry villagers. Especially when their target is such easy pickings.

  3. I also think Good for Jade. She is trash and is worth something like £8 million. I may be clever and educated (and many other wonderful things), but all I’ve got to show for all that is empty bank accounts in 3 countries.

    But still – no sympathy.

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