The Fox News Channel’s Saturday Night Super Fun Time Satire Show

12 January, 2007, Friday

It was announced and talked about far and wide at the end of November: a show in the satiric style of The Daily Show slanted for a right-wing audience that would air in late January.

“Yay! It’s about time!” hollered the perpetually beleaguered losers in the war of pop culture, the conservatives.

“It will never fly.” sniffed the liberals, calmly stroking their ‘Stewart/Colbert in ’08’ T-shirts against their cheeks.

And now, a month and 1/2 later, nothing.   Not a word.   I couldn’t find any recent mentions anywhere on the web.

In an industry where pre-air buzz is critical, this flat-lining is not a very encouraging sign.  

I was (am) really looking forward to seeing it. I’m sure it would have been (will be?) hilarious – but for all the wrong reasons.

Come on, Fox!   Get that beautiful catastrophe on the air – your public awaits! 


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