The Ethics of Wife Beating

4 January, 2007, Thursday

A Bahrain cleric drags his people into the 16th Century and sets firm limits on the “treating” of one’s wife.  

We westerners have our share of cultural problems, but this video will certainly make all western women grateful for not being at the mercy of absolute galloping insanity.  

To think that it was simple chance that I was not born into such a backward culture is a little scary.  

To celebrate getting a long straw in the birth lottery, I’m gonna go put on a pair of jeans and get in my car to drive myself – unescorted – to the store and purchase something a little decadent.   It’s a cold, rainy January night – but I’m gonna crack my window enough to let the wind blow my uncovered hair into defiant tangles.    

Freedom Snarls, as the Bush administration woulda called ’em a couple of years ago. 



  1. Brilliant video – Geneva Conventions for wife beating! To celebrate, I am going to drink some vodka, smoke a cigarette, and flash my Freedom Tits out my window.

    The good news is that we know that all Muslim men are obeying those rules. I mean, who would act outside of the Geneva Conventions? But if a woman were to exhibit a bruise (to whom? – she’s wearing a burka), it would be her word against her husband’s, and we all know how much power a woman’s word carries in countries ruled by Sharia law. For the uninitiated, that would be none.

    Another excellent exposure, Miss Mickey.

  2. Self-correction. The word I was actually looking for last night was “exposé”.

    As in – another excellent exposé, Miss Mickey.

    I have been losing my words a lot lately. Rather worrying.

  3. There’s just got to be a few clauses in these hip, new rules.

    Suppose a man marries a woman who just will not mind? What then? Does he just let her get away with being sassy and willful? I should think not.

    He would have to take a firmer hand to her (or set her on fire, throw acid in her face, etc, etc..).

    Max, your mighty Tits of Freedom make America proud.

  4. As opposed to christianity, where you can punch your wife to the face with your fist or hit him with a baseball bat, then confess all of it to the priest and you are free to do it again the next week, without worrying about going to hell?

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