Bush Sr. Emits Bodily Substance In Public For Second Time

7 December, 2006, Thursday

Oh dear.  Watching the video almost –almost– made me forgive him for his campaign trail remarks about atheists.    

But my petty grievances aside, it’s always a little sad to see evidence that a once-powerful man has, in his golden years, become a gooey, melted marshmallow.   

He broke down whilst giving a speech in honour of Jeb.   Now, of the two of his sons who hit the big time, could it really be possible that it’s Jeb who would cause such a well of emotion to bubble over?     He may have been talking about Jeb, but that doesn’t mean he was thinking about him.

It’s interesting that Bush Sr. lost all composure at the point when he spoke of Jeb not whining or complaining when he lost his 1994 bid for governor, vaguely suggesting his boy was a victim of dirty campaigning. 

If Jeb was a victim of dirty tricks, Bush Sr. must certainly know that his other son is widely regarded as being a perpetrator of them.    Politics is lousy with dirt, everybody knows that.  So what caused him to break down at that point? 

Being an unabashed Mama’s Girl, it’s with keen interest that I’ve watched George W. Bush repeatedly insult his father.    I’ve often wondered how painful it must be for him to have his past political decisions criticised, and any hard-earned personal insight publicly rejected by his very own son. 

Bush Sr., being a man, and a man who has spent his life in politics, likely still has a sizeable ego.    To have his own presidential term be publicly regarded as disastrous, and then to have his son use it as a comparison to remind us of what mistakes he will avoid making, well, that’s an awful lot of humility for one man to swallow in front of the nation. 

To love his son, and publicly support him all the while dodging the arrows that said son occasionally shoots at him must be enormously difficult. 

And here’s a thought: What if Bush Sr., on some level, actually sides with the majority of citizens and feels that his son is dangerously incompetent?   Talk about emotional turmoil. Wowee.

There’s no way any of us will ever know what was going on in his head when he cried. It very well could be what he said it was – that he’s just grown into a sentimental old man who gets weepy easily.

And that’s fair enough. Because no matter what prompted it, it was actually a very moving display and, by comparison, it makes George W. Bush look even more like the cold, heartless rat-out-his-own-father-for-cheap-political-gain bully that he is.  

So it’s a win/win.


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