The Most Loyal Little Soldier

1 December, 2006, Friday

From Think Progress:

 “Rice responded that Iraq is not a civil war because “the Iraqis don’t see it that way.” Rice added, “it really doesn’t help to speak about their circumstance as a civil war, in terms that they don’t speak about their circumstances.”

Condi Rice, ridiculously niggling over semantics on the CBS evening news. 

In this most recent lie-fest, she proves that she will do or say anything to protect her boss.   And it appears she will continue to do it until the bitter end.   

In her Rah-Rah-Bush! zeal, she’s like the last act in an amateur recital;  a manic tap dancer desperately trying to save a show that’s gone on for far too long, with too many missteps.  

Sticking like flypaper to her talking points, relentlessly repeating her lies, she’s tapping for all that she’s worth. 

If people weren’t, like, dying because of her, I’d be inclined to admire her for standing so steadfastly by her man.   But streets littered with corpses have a way of tarnishing things.


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