Okay, Maybe We Can Call It A War Within A War? An Underlying Skirmish? A Rather Unpleasant Spot Of Bother?

26 November, 2006, Sunday

I know Bush doesn’t want to admit Iraq has degenerated into an all-out civil war, but Jesus Christ, when you read an opening paragraph like this…:

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Revenge-seeking Shiite militiamen seized six Sunnis as they left Friday prayers, drenched them with kerosene and burned them alive, and Iraqi soldiers did nothing to stop the attack, police and witnesses said.

 …it should be acknowledged at the very least as a subtle hint that democracy kinda sorta ain’t on the march. 

The anger before the election was like static electricity.   You could hear it crackling in the air.   Another year and 1/2 of this lying lunatic in office with these kinds of headlines and people will be burning him in effigy.  

Full article here.

A primer on impeachment procedures is here


One comment

  1. It’s part of the Peace Process! And no, it’s not a civil war. There does not appear to be anything remotely civil about it. I’m thinking “killing fields” or “reign of terror” myself. God help us all.


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