From Massive Galaxies To Massive Egos

26 November, 2006, Sunday

How does one become a person who feels comfortable marching into a public school to try and dictate what is and what is not acceptable to be taught to an entire classroom?  

Because, frankly, I’m envious of the people in this story.  

Just imagine the bliss of feeling so self-satisfied that you think the things you teach your kid is what everyone should teach their kids.   It must be divine.

One family objected to Maya Angelou’s ‘I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings’ being taught in their kid’s AP English class because of passages relating to Angelous’s sexual abuse as a child and the resulting pregnancy.   

The school acknowledged the protest and offered the student an alternative book to study.     But that wasn’t good enough.   Oh no.  This mother and father want the book completely pulled from the curriculum.   They feel that no one’s children in the school should read it.

Other families joined in to support the family’s request, and last Tuesday a meeting of 80 people was held with the families and teachers.   45 people spoke out against the book (including, *long weary sigh* two buttinski pastors), but the book remains in the curriculum.   The family can take the matter further if they wish.

And now I wish to tell that family to go fuck themselves.  What unmitigated nerve of them to think that their morals are so high and mighty that it gives them dictatorial rights.   

The school bent to their concerns by offering their kid another book.   Why on earth was that not enough?     

The school refuses to release the names of the family or the student, and I have yet to find any statement they have made directly to the media.   

One wonders why.      Could it be they realize how difficult it would be to counter the accusation that they believe sexual abuse isn’t the problem – it’s reading about it?   


One comment

  1. Miss Mickey, I also read that story yesterday and had a similar reaction to yours. Maya Angelou is an amazing writer and “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” is an important work of American literature. Those people are just ignorant. Do they also keep their kids from reading newspapers (oh, sorry, they probably don’t have any newspapers in their houses) or watching the news? Next thing we know, they’ll be building a bonfire and emptying out half the contents of the school library. I just hate stupid people.

    Thanks for the space for my mini rant.


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