And he smokes, too?!

21 November, 2006, Tuesday

Before beginning, I must pause to ring for my maidservant Mathilda to fetch me my swooning fan, for I am fully ablush with the news that Barack Obama, the humble son of an even humbler goat herder, smokes

That is hotter than a June bride in a featherbed.

I, like a lot of folks, first became aware of Obama when he spoke at the DNC in 2004.     And I, also like a lot of folks, find him riveting and magnetic and would gladly cast my vote for him to become president.

Probably even more so now. 

I’m actually relieved to hear that he smokes because we finally have one tiny bit of negative to help balance out all that wonderful  positive.    

The more we discovered about him, it seemed the more perfect he became.  It was, frankly, worrisome.  Something, somewhere just had to come out eventually and deposit darkness in the otherwise radiant meteor of light and hope that is Barack Obama.     And knowing just how painfully far the mighty can fall, it’s charming to find him nurturing a vice as old-fashioned as cigarettes.

And while all the other hip, with-it politicians are acting out in external ways:  propositioning young boys, scamming money, or choking their mistrisses, Barack Obama’s misdeed is a self-destructive one.  

And that is quite a breath of fresh air. 


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