OJ Simpson gets a book deal, America reacts! OJ Simpson’s book deal cancelled, America reacts!

20 November, 2006, Monday

There was a huge collective gasp that swept across the nation when the news of OJ Simpson’s book and interview was announced.    And now that the deal is scrapped, there are cries of censorship and racism.    

O.J. is the most polarizing, incendiary American that we’ve had in a long, long time.  You say his name and it evokes wild, passionate fury.    Fist fights have broken out in bars over him, an entire city was engulfed for days in a flaming riot over him.   Some people believe whole-heartedly he is innocent.   More people despise him.   My own mother wants to run him over with her car. 

And so imagine going to Amazon.com to find information about his book, and then spotting a section marked “About The Author”.  You’d expect to see a long list of details about his notorious and infamous life, wouldn’t you?    Well, you’d be wrong, because Amazon.com chose to list only one significant bit of information about him, and it is this:       

 “O.J. Simpson lives in Florida.”


And the only way that could be any funnier would be if they’d added “with a cat.”    




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